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A/C is important in Corpus Christi where the temperatures in the summer often top 100°. Let the Air Solutions team keep you cool!

Air Conditioners in Corpus Christi

South Texas is a beautiful and radiant area. As delightful as our sunny days can be, sometimes the heat can get to be too much. With the temperatures continuously rising, having a strong and steady air conditioning system in your home is definitely more so a requirement than an indulgence. The team at Air Solutions can help you conquer the seemingly unbeatable heat!

We will initially ensure you acquire the right system to accommodate your budget and needs. Beyond that, we will provide the necessary services to keep your air conditioner in great shape and aid you in making certain that it runs efficiently.


Knowing that you trust in your air conditioner to be a comforting remedy from the South Texas heat and humidity, we have made it our duty to safeguard your system and preserve that refreshing feeling in your home. Although it is difficult to rule out all the dilemmas you may encounter, regular maintenance can decrease the chance of these problems becoming too large or costly. Leave it up to our experienced technicians to maintain your cooling system. More About Maintenance


Although we understand that you don’t want to, just imagine walking into an uncomfortably warm home after a long, summer day. At Air Solutions, we understand your concerns. We know that you’re going to need someone to step up and take quick action. In case of emergency, an air conditioning repair technician will arrive at your home promptly with the skills and tools to repair your unit right away. More About Repair


The Air Solutions team knows that the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to give up on you when you need it most. In the unfortunate event that it does happen to you, we offer quick replacements. We will do anything and everything we can to keep your system running for as long as possible, but there comes a time when it’s simply more cost-effective to replace it with a new energy efficient system. If you are speculating about how to make the decision about whether to repair or replace. More About Replace


By taking us up on inspection services, you can prevent small issues from becoming much greater and more expensive issues. Our inspections are consistently thorough and honest. It is our top priority to inform you of any repairs or other efficiency measures that need to be addressed. If we can identify issues earlier, we have a better chance of fixing them earlier on before they resort to needing major repairing or replacing. More About Inspection

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