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Let's start with the unfortunate news.

The fact of the matter is that your indoor air quality may very well be more impure than the air you breathe outside. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included Indoor Air Quality as one of the most urgent environmental hazards that we are confronted with. Some of these contaminants can arise from common household items such as fumes and odors from appliances and cleaning products. Others are due to a build-up of several small pollutants like hair shed, moisture, and skin cells. As minor as they might seem, a combination of these factors can lead to extremely unsafe conditions in your home, creating mold and allergens (amongst other problems).

Other uncomfortable side effects of inadequate air quality and pollution can include itching/watering eyes, headaches, fatigue and heightened allergy or asthma symptoms. While some reactions may be small, they can lead to much bigger problems in life such as respiratory disease.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, we can move on to the good news.

You have the options available to efficiently eliminate a majority of the contaminants from the air circulating in your home or business. If you are doubtful about the quality of your air, call us up at Air Solutions!

We won't just install an overpriced air filter that won't get the job done and leave you unsatisfied. The Air Solutions team will engage in a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC system to identify the solution that best adapts to your environment. By taking the necessary steps to clear the air of pollutants, you will be able to breathe better and boost your health.

More good news:

Air Solutions extends their services and provides the essential tools you need to sustain a healthy environment. By allowing our qualified technicians to maintain your air filtration systems routinely, you are actually aiding your own health and enhancing the durability of your air conditioner and heater. We can significantly decrease the air pollutants in your atmosphere by cleaning, repairing and replacing your air ducts, air filters and coil as needed or desired. If the mentioned components are in need of service, your air systems will not perform smoothly as it should. In turn, it will have to work much harder to operate which will inconveniently raise your energy bills and possibly cause damage internally.

Sadly, not all air filtration systems are created equal. Your HVAC system will require its own custom arrangement, and Air Solutions is here to help you with that. Another service that we offer is installation of UV lights within your air ducts to wipe out those troublesome biological pollutants (toxic agents that flow through the air and are too small to be seen which can include, but are not limited to, bacteria and viruses).

You will be at peace knowing that you are breathing in air of the utmost quality when you let the experienced team at Air Solutions assemble, inspect and maintain your air filtration system. Call Us Today At 361.855.2665

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