In the midst of the searing South Texas summer, the last thing on your mind is if your heater is running properly. Similarly, on a winter (or cold front) day, you're not particularly concerned about your air conditioner's ability to blast cool, pure air. In both of these scenarios, the same mistake is being made: You are not thinking about your HVAC system's components until you actually need them. By thinking ahead, you can prevent a great deal of potential problems with the appropriate services.

The Air Solutions team understands that sometimes life can get hectic, and we want to shield your system from any serious issues by taking a few tasks off of your hands. We're here to oversee your HVAC system and all of it's components, at any time of the day or year! It may not seem like a big deal now, but habitual inspection and maintenance go a long way.

With 20+ years of experience came the discovery that the actual needs of each homeowner and project varies significantly. To better serve you and your system, we begin each project by meeting with you (the homeowner) to tailor a suitable method of service(s) to ensure we meet your expectations, comfort level and budget. Our residential services include:

Air Solutions personally knows how vital a consistent air conditioner is around these parts. Ensuring your unit is always fully functional is our first concern. Our residential services are offered to our South Texas customers specifically to keep your family comfortable. Feel free to dial 361.855.2665 now for any inquiries!


"Fast, reliable, and very respectable! I would recommend this company to any and everyone I know! Thank you so much for the outstanding service!"

- C. Simmers

"Very professional and well trained technicians. They found the problem right away and had the heating system up and running in a matter of minutes. I forgot to mention that they showed up on time and were ready to work with a very pleasing attitude. I can't say enough on how impressed I was with the service. Awesome company, with great people working for them! I highly recommend Air Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating for your home or business needs."

- R.D. Rodriguez

"Great company. The technicians were professional and friendly. Great customer service. Will definitely recommend them."

- J. Garcia

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